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QI Story: Quality Improvement in Discharge Process at AIC Kijabe Hospital

QUALITY IMPROVEMENT-DISCHARGE PROCESS AT AIC KIJABE HOSPITAL By Tabitha Mwangi & Finance Manager AIC Kijabe Hospital The project aims to enhance the customer experience by reducing the Turnaround Time (TAT) during discharge from the hospital. Customer interviews revealed dissatisfaction with long waiting queues, extended TAT at discharge, patient confusion, and

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QI Story: Eradicating Malnutrition of Children Under 5 Years in Musanda, Mumias West Sub-County, Kakamega County

Conference Theme :Optimizing Health Outcomes Through Evidence Based Care Conference Sub Theme :Pediatrics And Child Health Author; Susan Karusa Kisanya Malnutrition, involving deficiencies or excesses in nutrient intake and an imbalance of essential nutrients, has emerged as a critical global health challenge. This issue disproportionately affects children, with approximately 20

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QI Story: Enhancing Hand Hygiene Compliance for Infection Prevention at Nyahera Sub County Hospital, Kenya

Author: Risper Oyaa MOH, Nyahera Sub County The initiative, led by Risper Oyaa at Nyahera Sub County Hospital, focuses on enhancing hand hygiene compliance for infection prevention. Hand hygiene is a crucial measure, reducing Healthcare-associated Infections (HAIs) by up to 70%, including diarrhea-related illnesses and respiratory infections. The approach involves comprehensive

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QI Story: Preventing Healthcare-Associated Infections through Septic Screening at Consolata Hospital Mathari Nyeri, Kenya

Presented by: Regina Kajuju Karinguri (QAM), Consolata Hospital mathari Nyeri Regina Kajuju Karinguri at Consolata Hospital Mathari Nyeri initiated a Quality Improvement Journey with the aim of incorporating septic screening to prevent Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIs) in admitted patients. The plan involved engaging various stakeholders, including doctors, nurses, lab technicians,

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QI Story: Prioritizing Patient-Centered Care at FaithCity Hospital, Lagos, Nigeria

Author: Olabanji Mikail Fisqua Affliation: Faithcity Hospital Lagos Nigeria FaithCity Hospital in Lagos, Nigeria, prioritized patient-centered care, recognizing the importance of amplifying patients’ voices for improved quality of care and patient safety. Their approach involved implementing feedback mechanisms, patient surveys, and focus group discussions, complemented by staff training in empathetic

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