QI Story: EBAN K Intervention – Fostering Communication in HIV Discordant Couples in Mombasa County

Rahma Hashim Rashid, Kisauni Dispensary, Mombasa County

The success story highlights the impactful work of the EBAN K intervention in Mombasa County, focusing on enhancing communication and relationships among HIV discordant couples. The story begins with a woman named Eve who, after testing positive for HIV, faced challenges in disclosing her status to her husband. The situation worsened when her husband learned about her status, leading to separation and mental health struggles for Eve.

EBAN K, a peer-to-peer intervention, played a crucial role in reuniting discordant couples like Eve and her husband. The story emphasizes the supportive environment, open communication, and empathy fostered during EBAN K sessions. The turning point came when Adam, Eve’s husband, attended the sessions, changed his attitude, and eventually reunited with his wife. Through EBAN K, the couple gained knowledge about HIV infection, transmission, and prevention, including the use of PrEP. This newfound understanding positively impacted their relationship, and they became advocates for HIV disclosure and awareness. The success story underscores the transformative power of information, empathy, and supportive environments in empowering and positively changing the lives of discordant couples.

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