QI Story: Improving Diabetes Foot Screening at Kenyatta National Hospital Diabetes Clinic, Kenya

Isaac Miruka , Dr William Sigilai, Dr Nduku Kiko ,Dr Rosemary Waniiru , Dr Stanley Ngare , Herbert Mwanyasi , Angela Warui , Joyce Mwangi, Rachel Nyamu, Margaret Gacheri , the KNH Diabetes Clinic Team. Kenyatta National Hospital Diabetes Clinic. Kenya

The KNH Diabetes Clinic, with ACQUIRE’s support, aimed to improve diabetes foot screening from an initial 5 percent to over 30 percent attendance. Identified challenges included staff shortage, inadequate training, and process flow issues. Interventions involved providing tools and staff sensitization, resulting in increased screening to 63 percent. Despite challenges, ongoing reviews are in place. This project addressed individual, procedural, and systemic barriers, emphasizing staff empowerment and tool provision. The KNH Diabetes Clinic recommends sustaining staff empowerment and tool provision to continue improving foot screening, underscoring the preventability of diabetes foot complications through early recognition and treatment.

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