QI Story: Preventing Healthcare-Associated Infections through Septic Screening at Consolata Hospital Mathari Nyeri, Kenya

Presented by: Regina Kajuju Karinguri (QAM), Consolata Hospital mathari Nyeri

Regina Kajuju Karinguri at Consolata Hospital Mathari Nyeri initiated a Quality Improvement Journey with the aim of incorporating septic screening to prevent Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIs) in admitted patients. The plan involved engaging various stakeholders, including doctors, nurses, lab technicians, pharmacists, cleaners, patient care attendants, counsellors, and physiotherapists. The implementation included continuous education sessions, the distribution of necessary tools, and monitoring through a modified checklist for septic screening on admission and after 5 days in the hospital or upon discharge, whichever came first. Initial data revealed that while all patients were screened on admission, only 35% underwent repeat screening after 5 days. In response, the process was refined with targeted education sessions for different patient groups and modifications to the checklist to enhance routine septic screening effectiveness.

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