QI Story: Treatment Optimization for Newly Diagnosed Diabetes Mellitus Patients at Ndaragwa Health Centre, Kenya

Presented By: Jane Wamaitha Muraya, Ndaragwa Health Centre

Jane Wamaitha Muraya at Ndaragwa Health Centre initiated a project titled “Treatment Optimization for Newly Diagnosed DM(Diabetes Mellitus) Patients” due to an increasing number of new patients with high blood sugar levels. The baseline survey identified key drivers for high sugars, including lack of nutritional and adherence counselling, financial constraints for purchasing drugs, and insufficient drug supply.

Interventions were proposed, focusing on nutritional and adherence counselling, encouraging income-generating projects for drug funds, and ensuring timely drug orders. However, the drug supply intervention faced challenges due to a lack of support from the Kenya Medical Supplies Authority.

The clinic implemented the first two interventions from April to September 2023, aiming to provide counselling to all diabetes patients. Data showed that out of 434 patients attending the weekly clinics, 80 received counselling, marking an increase from 0% to 18.4%.

The conclusions emphasized the importance of consistent drug intake and proper diet, involving all staff in the project, and providing mentorship to clinicians for effective electronic patient record management. The proposed sustainable plan includes ongoing nutritional and adherence counselling, with responsible persons and reporting frequency specified.

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