QI Story: Transforming Patient Care through Enhanced Nursing Rounds at Motite Fura Primary Hospital

Presented By: Hawassa, Ethiopia

Motite Fura Primary Hospital faced a significant challenge related to the quality of patient care and satisfaction. Nursing rounds were infrequent and seldom engaged patients or their attendants, leading to poor quality of care, decreased patient satisfaction, and unfavorable health outcomes. To address this, the change idea implemented regular nursing rounds on every shift, emphasizing patient engagement.

We introduced a series of seven core activities during nursing rounds: patient consultation, pain scoring, gross body monitoring, PICT HIV testing, discharge planning, continuous monitoring, and hospital-acquired infections prevention. A logbook was created to meticulously document these activities. Weekly monitoring and charting of progress were initiated, with monitoring charts made visible in open spaces.

After three months of dedicated effort, nursing rounds transformed from occurring only twice a week to a daily practice on all shifts, marking a substantial improvement in the hospital’s approach to patient care.

Regular and engaged nursing rounds have had a profound impact on the hospital’s overall healthcare quality and patient satisfaction. The introduction of seven core activities and a well-maintained logbook allowed for systematic care delivery and monitoring.

This project has demonstrated that enhancing nursing rounds through patient engagement can significantly improve healthcare quality and patient satisfaction. The recommendation is the continued implementation of this practice in Motite Fura Primary Hospital and encouragement for other healthcare facilities to adopt similar approaches. The change idea is replicable and has the potential to drive positive change throughout the healthcare industry. The submission expresses gratitude to the referees for their support and verification.

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