QI Story: Improving TB Diagnosis through Increased GeneXpert Utilization at Tudor Subcounty Hospital, Mombasa, Kenya

Presented By: Aswila Abdulrazak Ahmedm Medical Lab Officer, Deputy Quality Officer

Aswila Abdulrazak Ahmed, a Medical Lab Officer at Tudor Subcounty Hospital in Mombasa, Kenya, aimed to enhance TB diagnosis by increasing GeneXpert utilization. Challenges included low utilization at 22% from July to December 2022 due to supply chain issues and missing patient details. Methodology involved specialized training and a focus on increasing utilization for early treatment access.

Lessons learned emphasized the role of well-trained personnel and community engagement. Support from various organizations improved proficiency testing, leading to better patient outcomes. Next steps involve continued training, capacity building, and steady GeneXpert cartridge supply, targeting 100% utilization by September 2024.

Results include increased personnel training, improved supply distribution, reduced errors, and enhanced turnaround time for online results transmission.

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