QI Story: Improving Patient Satisfaction and Turnaround Time for OGTT at AIC Kijabe Hospital, Kenya

Authors: 1,2Lucy Maina, 1,3Argwings Chagwira, and 1.2Grace Munga.

AIC Kijabe Hospital, 2Laboratory Department, 3Research Department

Kenya Background

In addressing challenges related to the Oral Glucose Tolerance Test (OGTT) at AICKH(AIC Kijabe Hospital), a retrospective review and patient feedback in August 2023 revealed significant issues affecting patient satisfaction. A considerable 74.1% of patients reported dissatisfaction, with 35% indicating unpreparedness by clinicians. The pre-intervention turnaround time (TAT) for OGTT varied from 2 hours 2 minutes to 5 hours 52 minutes.

To address these concerns, a Quality Improvement (QI) project was initiated using the Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) cycle. Capacity-building sessions were conducted for both clinicians and laboratory staff. Post-intervention, one week of data collection and patient interviews were undertaken to assess improvements.

The results demonstrated a positive impact on customer experience and reduced TAT for OGTT. Post-QI, 71.4% of patients expressed satisfaction, with the TAT ranging from 2 hours 5 minutes to 3 hours 49 minutes. Two interviewed mothers also conveyed their contentment with the service.

While these findings reflect progress, there is acknowledgment of the ongoing work required to achieve a mean TAT of 2.15 hours. The next steps involve conducting more capacity-building sessions, introducing patient feedback forms post-test, and implementing regular monthly data reviews to sustain and further enhance the positive changes achieved.

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