QI Story: CommCase – Fostering Global Pharmacist Collaboration for Complex Cases in Eagle Island, Nigeria

Presented By: Greatman Adiela Owhor, Pharmacist, Saphonyx Health Systems, Eagle Island, Nigeria.

Greatman Adiela Owhor, a pharmacist at Saphonyx Health Systems in Eagle Island, Nigeria, initiated the “CommCase” project to address challenges faced by community pharmacists in handling complex cases. Recognizing the need for a platform where pharmacists globally could collaborate to solve challenging cases, CommCase was launched as a WhatsApp group. Community pharmacists from Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, Kenya, Zimbabwe, and South Africa joined the group, sharing and discussing challenging cases, adhering to established standards of practice and respecting national differences.

Since its inception on April 15, 2023, CommCase has garnered over 550 cases in five months, with 170 cases archived and followed up. The group, comprising 1025 members from 8+ countries across Africa, Europe, and South America, receives an average of approximately 110 cases per month, fostering engagement and knowledge exchange. The platform’s activities have enhanced the practical knowledge and confidence of its members, promoting cohesion among health workers with a shared goal of improving patient outcomes.

CommCase’s impact extends beyond immediate case resolution, contributing to global health and patient safety by providing valuable data on disease prevalence and frequency in specific regions. The project has demonstrated its potential to strengthen healthcare systems by enhancing the service delivery and knowledge capacity of accessible healthcare professionals.

In conclusion, CommCase’s success suggests the need for an independent platform, such as a mobile application and website, to facilitate seamless access to archived cases and discussions. To maximize its impact, further publicity is recommended to expand the reach to other countries. The platform’s potential to contribute to global health makes it a valuable initiative for the healthcare community.

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