Reducing Defaulter Rates in DM Clinic: A Quality Improvement Project at PCEA Chogoria Hospital

Patient defaulting is a pressing issue in P.C.E.A Chogoria Hospital’s Diabetes clinic. To address this concern, a collaborative Quality Improvement (QI) project was undertaken with other mission hospitals in central and eastern Kenya. The project spanned six months and involved virtual training, coaching, and weekly meetings. Chogoria’s SMART goal was to achieve 95% patient attendance for follow up appointments from October 2022 to March 2023.

Through applying the science and methods of quality improvement the Chogoria team developed and tested interventionsaimed to reduce defaulting rates. Although the project is ongoing, early findings reveal forgetfulness and self-purchase of medications as primary causes. Challenges in data collection and the need for a better indicator were also identified. The project’s success will result in improved patient care and decreased complications.

The detailed slide accompanying this post provides a comprehensive overview of the project, including the background, methods and materials used, results obtained, and the valuable learning points identified. It showcases the dedication and efforts of the team at P.C.E.A Chogoria Hospital in addressing the challenge of patient defaulting in the Diabetes clinic.

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