Joy and Well-Being Learning Network at a Glance.

The Institute for Healthcare Improvement launched the second cohort of the Joy and Well-Being Learning Network with ACQUIRE leading the efforts on the African continent. This 18 month program focused on bringing joy back to healthcare workers. The goal was to healthcare professionals’ joy in work.

Recently, they released an infographic that highlights the impact of their Learning Collaborative. Participants, including teams from 3 ACQUIRE partner hospitals in the Learning Collaborative were asked three questions: how many staff are in their organization or how many patients they serve, did their participation in the learning network increase their joy in work, and how many tests of change ideas did they try?

One of the most significant findings was that 87% of participants reported an increase in their joy in work as a result of their participation in the learning network.  Working to promote joy in work for others brought team members more joy in their own work. This happened regardless of where the teams were working. It happened in Singapore, the United Kingdom, as well as in our teams from Africa. It worked in both high income and low income settings.

Another interesting finding was that participants tried an average of 9.2 test of change ideas. Being part of a learning network where learning was considered an important path to success gave participants the freedom to experiment and find what might work in their context.

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