Another Quality Improvement Win: Kijabe, Chogoria and Kimende Healthcare Workers Graduate from the Diabetes Quality Improvement Collaborative Program.

20 healthcare workers from Kimende Orthodox MHC, AIC Kijabe and PCEA Chogoria Hospital graduated on 26th May 2023, from the Acquire- KCHS Diabetes Quality Improvement Collaborative, a program that had been running from September 2022 until May 2023. The graduation, which marked the culmination of the intensive training, was held at AIC Kijabe Hospital.

In collaboration with AIC Kijabe Hospital College of Health Sciences, Acquire Frontline Healthcare conducted a graduation ceremony for our joint program called Diabetes Quality Improvement Collaborative on Friday, May 26, 2023. The ceremony took place at AIC Kijabe Hospital, marking the culmination of an intensive training program that started in September 2022 and concluded in May 2023. Participants who took part in the program came from three hospitals, and represented multiple cadres from nursing to medical records to clinical officers.

The Acquire-Kijabe College of Health Sciences (KCHS) Diabetes Quality Improvement Collaborative aims to enhance diabetes care and improve patient outcomes by providing mentorship, training, and practical application. Throughout the program, participants diligently implemented innovative strategies and established effective systems for managing diabetes patients. The ultimate objective was to empower frontline healthcare workers to deliver comprehensive care and equip patients with the knowledge to take control of their own health.

During the graduation ceremony, representatives from each of the three hospitals had the opportunity to present their respective projects and share the remarkable results they achieved. 

Emmanuel from AIC Kijabe Hospital introduced a diabetes tracker so triage nurses can ask diabetes patients at their monthly visit to get a current glycated haemoglobin (HBAIC).

“We actually thought patients were defaulting but came to find that it was us that didn’t have a good system for tracing our patients. Our attendance goal is attainable if we keep learning from our data. We are expanding improvement to other departments. QI is very empowering. Out of the 70 consistent patients, each followed up on 10. Our definition of defaulting is not correct. The patients were continuing taking their drugs, purchased from elsewhere. Our intervention ended up giving patients the permission to ask questions on other aspects of diabetes care that were of concern to them” he said.

The event was filled with inspiring remarks from the participants, highlighting the transformative impact of the program.

“Through the QI project, I have learnt so many things. I have learnt to do team work. I have learnt how to do the QI and how to solve problems. QI has helped me to focus on one project at a time…One thing that motivated us is understanding that it’s not about us, it’s about that patient. To make sure that the patient is happy, and not stressed so that the patient can have a good life and enjoy it.” said Beth from Kimende Orthodox MHC.

The graduation ceremony served as a platform to acknowledge the dedication, hard work, and significant achievements of the healthcare professionals who participated in the Acquire-KCHS Diabetes Quality Improvement Collaborative training program. The valuable insights gained from this training will continue to shape future initiatives and contribute to the advancement of diabetes care in the healthcare sector.

Dr. Mary Adams, Co-Founder of Acquire Frontline Healthcare, expressed her gratitude to the participants for their unwavering commitment to quality improvement and their invaluable contributions to this training. The success of the Acquire-KCHS Diabetes Quality Improvement Collaborative training program would not have been possible without their active involvement and dedication to improving patient care.

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