The Africa Consortium for Quality Improvement Research (ACQUIRE) in Frontline Healthcare


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ACQUIRE takes a long-term view of the continent’s health system trajectory and provides the framework to develop and facilitate research on quality improvement (QI) at the frontline.



ACQUIRE seeks to build learning health systems that ensure high quality health care for everyone in sub-Saharan Africa.
"Healthcare without quality is ineffective, wasteful, and hampers progress towards improved health outcomes"

Lancet Commission Report, 2019

Data drives decision

Why Do QI Our Way?

Frontline-led QI is a paradigm shift. We know what to do, but we don’t know how to do it consistently, excellently and at scale.

QI is the engine that drives SSA towards an implementation science strategy of change at the granular, frontline level where it meets the patients’ needs in real-time.

QI is implementation science leveraging evidence-based practice. At the center are feedback loops that allow for real time learning, accountability and measurable change – where data drives decision making at the frontline.

Why Focus on the Frontline?

The frontline healthcare worker is the only actor who knows what is really happening with the patient.

The frontline perspective is where the action happens. The health worker is the driver of systems thinking for contextually relevant, quality improvement in outcomes and patient-centered care.

Frontline health worker quality improvement happens when peers are working in cross-disciplinary teams, looking at real-time data, testing change ideas and creating feedback loops while co-producing new knowledge.

Working at the frontline democratises the health workers agency for change; it’s a bottom-up organic initiative versus top-down, siloed responses.

Key Patient Safety Facts
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Insights & Articles

Stories of Quality Improvement at the Frontline of Healthcare in Africa

ACQUIRE celebrated frontline healthcare champions in Sub-Saharan Africa, showcasing their dedication to transformative Quality Improvement during a webinar that inspired the entire healthcare community.